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Being able to shut down the computer when you’re not home or at night can be quite useful. Auto Shutdown Manager is a nice app performs a wide range of actions.

It comes with a simple interface, with various features stored in separate tabs.

For instance, it can run a timer that shuts down the computer after 25 minutes of inactivity. However, you may also define a level of CPU or HDD activity to prevent the shutdown. Thus, if there’s a running virus scan, for example, the app doesn’t turn off the computer in the middle of the scan.

Furthermore, you may define a list of applications that prevent the manager to shut down the PC.

The utility lets you create several rules. For instance, you can program an event for a certain time and date, or create a recurrence pattern. It can force shutdown, wake up the PC from sleep mode, disable or enable auto shutdown mode and display a short message. Alternatively, it can restart, log off or put the computer in hibernate or standby mode.

The program also has a feature that enables you to control the amount of time spent on the computer by children. Thus, you can allow them to use the PC in a certain time span and only for a number of hours. The app works with credits that are equal to 30 minutes of computer time.

Through the utility’s interface, you may also view the number of used minutes and how much time left they have.

The bottom line is that Auto Shutdown Manager is a nice program that performs several tasks. Inexperienced individuals should find it easy to use and customize, thanks to the intuitive interface.

Auto Shutdown Manager was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
Auto Shutdown Manager - The system tray icon of the software can be used to pause the timer and restart the computer.Auto Shutdown Manager - The Timer tab allows you to activate the shutdown timer and the amount of CPU / HDD activity to prevent the shutdown.Auto Shutdown Manager - The Network tab of Auto Shutdown Manager enables you to choose the IP clients can prevent the shutdown.Auto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown ManagerAuto Shutdown Manager

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