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Completely change the way shortcuts are placed on your desktop and launched with this innovative and intuitive software application

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Your desktop can easily get filled with shortcuts that make navigation difficult, or you might simply look for a way to enhance the way items are accessed. If you're still looking for an app launcher and you're not quite into Mac OS X-like docks, you may want to give Circle Dock a try.

An innovative way to launch applications

This application has been developed as an innovative way to launch programs on the go, without inspiration from the famous start menus or classic dock utilities.

Circle Dock can be safely placed on the desktop with as many applications as you want. It will only create a circular dock with multiple rings, and it's only up to you how many items you wish to place on each ring.

Fully customizable features

Although Circle Dock doesn't quite excel when it comes to interface, it's just impressive to see how many options it provides.

You can configure basically every single thing about it, including the shape, the separation between rings, the minimum radius, the center button actions, the dock items, animation, folder stacks, visibility, language and many other elements.

Clever hotkey support

The application also comes with support for hotkeys, so you can 'call' it at any moment, but there are also a few settings to control visibility with your mouse buttons.

Circle Dock doesn't take too much of your CPU and RAM, nonetheless, we noticed during our test some slowdowns in performance, especially when browsing from one folder to another. The app sometimes freezes for a second when doing that, while loading the settings menu takes a few seconds.

In conclusion

Overall, Circle Dock doesn't impress much, but it still offers a nice way to launch applications on the go. However, the host of customizations it comes with can make it a favorite for users who like to fully control the program launcher.

Circle Dock was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Circle Dock - With Circle Dock you have the possibility to toggle the visibility of the dock by moving your mouse to any edge of your screen.Circle Dock - When adding a new Dock Item, Circle Dock software will allow you to enter its description.Circle Dock - This is the Dock Shape tab of the Circle Dock Configuration Settings window, where you are able to modify various settings.Circle Dock - screenshot #4Circle Dock - screenshot #5Circle Dock - screenshot #6Circle Dock - screenshot #7Circle Dock - screenshot #8Circle Dock - screenshot #9Circle Dock - screenshot #10Circle Dock - screenshot #11Circle Dock - screenshot #12Circle Dock - screenshot #13Circle Dock - screenshot #14

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