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Shut down your computer automatically, based on a preset timer or schedule, with this lightweight and easy-to-use piece of software

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It is often necessary to leave your computer running for extended periods of time, whether to finish downloading a file or complete a processing operation. However, there is no way to turn it off automatically once these tasks have been completed.

DownTimer can help you in this regard, as it allows you to set a countdown timer or schedule, to shut down your computer after a specified amount of time or on a certain date.

Create a countdown timer

Once of the methods you can use to turn off your computer remotely is to set a timer, which shuts down your computer automatically once it reaches 0. You can choose from a list of presets (ranging from 10 to 90 minutes) or set it to a custom value.

When manually setting the timer, you can input minutes, hours and days. This allows you to shut down your computer remotely after extended periods of time.

Schedule computer shutdown

DownTimer also allows you to set up a schedule, by specifying the exact date on which the computer should be turned off, as well as the time.

This function can be very useful if, for whatever reason, you need to leave your computer running until a certain date.

User-friendly, but lacks certain functions

DownTimer is displayed in the system tray and the icon's color changes from red to gray, depending on whether the timer is enabled or not.

It would, however, be useful if the application displayed some type of notification when the shutdown timer runs out, in case you no longer need to turn off your computer or simply forget about the timer.

The program can be launched automatically at system startup, but any scheduled shutdown timer is lost when the application is closed.

Overall, DownTimer is a lightweight utility, designed to help you shut down your computer remotely, based on a preset schedule or timer.

DownTimer was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on June 29th, 2015
DownTimer - Users can set different shutdown timers with a simple right-click on the application's icon in System TrayDownTimer - The application's main window allows users to easily schedule a new action to be performed at a desired data and timeDownTimer - The Menu tab makes it easy to set up Shut down, Restart, and other operations at specific periods of timeDownTimer

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