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You can use this efficient and lightweight application to shutdown or restart your computer with just a single click of your mouse

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Easy Shutdown Pro is an intuitive and user-friendly software utility whose main function is to allow you to quickly shutdown or restart your PC, requiring as little as one push of a button.

Following an uneventful installation procedure, the application creates a desktop shortcut which you can use to launch it whenever you want to work with it. It is very simple to understand and handle, so you truly need no experience with such tools.

Once you launch Easy Shutdown Pro, it runs minimized in the notification area and whenever you wish to use it, all you need to do is hover with your mouse cursor over the lower right corner of your screen, which will cause a side bar to appear, featuring all the options you have.

As such, with just one click on the preferred button, you can either 'Shutdown', 'Restart', 'Logoff' or 'Hibernate' your computer; it is as easy as that. Once you press on any of the buttons, the program will complete its task within moments.

An additional option that Easy Shutdown Pro provides you with is the possibility of running it at Windows startup, thus sparing you from having to remember to launch it every time you use your PC. However, that is not all that Easy Shutdown Pro can do, as it provides you with both a 'Scheduler' and a 'Multiple Scheduler', the former allowing you to set up a specific action to take place at a preferred time, where as the latter enables you to configure up to four moments in the day when you can 'Restart' or 'Shutdown' your PC.

While Easy Shutdown Pro can prove very handy in various emergency situations, when you are required to turn off your system as swiftly as possible, the tool is quite basic. Nonetheless, it manages to perform its main tasks ('Shutdown', 'Restart', 'Hibernate', 'Logoff') without a glitch every time.

Easy Shutdown Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
Easy Shutdown Pro - The main window of Easy Shutdown Pro allows you to quickly turn off or restart your computerEasy Shutdown Pro - The Multiple Scheduler option enables you to set up various power options to occur at specific hours

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