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A simple and lightweight application designed to offer you a quick means of monitoring the currently running processes on your PC

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Fenix Process Manager is a tiny piece of software which aims to assist you in tracking the processes on your computer, allowing you to terminate them with ease.

Installation is not necessary

Following the download operation, you can decompress the archive and run the EXE file, since installation is not in any way a requirement.

Consequently, you can place Fenix Process Manager on a removable media device and take it with you wherever you may have use for it, at work or at home.

Clean and straight-forward looks

The program features a simple interface in the form of a non-adjustable window, displaying an animation on the right edge of the window.

Fenix Process Manager is not able to run minimized to the taskbar or the system tray, nor in full screen, so you either work with it as is or you close it, as there is no inbetween.

Find and kill unwanted processes

After launching the utility, it will instantly display the processes that it can detect as running on your system, enabling you to browse through them by means of your mouse scroll wheel, in order to view each one and determine if it belongs there or not.

Fenix Process Manager displays all the detected items, but does not assign most of them a title, a description or any other kind of information that could potentially help less knowledgeable individuals determine the source of a process. You can, nonetheless, learn its name, time and priority level.

In case a certain item is not needed at the moment or it should not be running, you can right-click it and select the ‘Kill Process’ option, informing you of the task's completion through a small popup window.

Simple process killer

To sum it up, Fenix Process Manager is a rather basic tool that has a fairly long way to go in terms of development, before it can even compete with your native Windows application, Task Manager, in terms of functionality, let alone more complex software.

Fenix Process Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
Fenix Process Manager - Fenix Process Manager is a simple tool that enables you to view the currently running processes on your systemFenix Process Manager - From the context menu of the application, you can refresh or kill a process with just a mouse click

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