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A handy application launcher that enables you to easily access the most used files, creating shortcuts for programs, pictures, videos and any other file type

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JAppLaunch is a cross-platform application that can store shortcuts to all the files you use on a daily basis, providing one-click access to all of them while avoiding overcrowding the desktop with new icons.

Create shortcuts for important files

The application is very easy to handle and configuring it is a breeze. Its forthright interface comprises eight grids that can host shortcuts to important documents, while the lower side of the window can include an unlimited number of shortcuts, neatly organized into three different categories, namely programs, files and others.

Adding a new item to the list is easily done either by dragging and dropping a file into the main window or by using the dedicated options in the main menu. For the top grids, clicking on them will open the 'Browse' dialog. Shortcuts can be easily removed from the application by using the dedicated option in the right-click menu.

One-click access to all your favorite files

Once you configured the shortcut list, accessing a file is done by simply clicking on its symbol. Unfortunately, JAppLaunch does not allow you to assign a small description to the icons in the top grid (which would be really handy in case two files have the same icon), but you can do that for files stored in the 'Programs', 'Files' and 'Others' categories.

The application can also be launched directly from a removable drive, provided you activate the 'Replace drive letter' function in the 'Settings' window. This option enables JAppLaunch to automatically identify the correct drive letter for all the shortcuts.

A useful launcher for any type of file

JAppLaunch eases the access to your most important or frequently used documents, pictures, videos or any other type of file. It is a simple launcher that can come in handy to anyone, helping users prevent desktop clutters. Nevertheless, adding it support for folder access and system utilities could really add to its overall value.

JAppLaunch was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
JAppLaunch - You can use JAppLaunch to quickly access your most frequently used files with just a click.JAppLaunch - The main menu of JAppLaunch enables you to add a new item to the 'Programs', 'Files' or 'Others' list.JAppLaunch - You can use the 'Settings' window of JAppLaunch to configure the application's behavior.

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