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A simple, yet handy tool that can launch Remote Desktop Connection and automatically fill in the username and the password for a new session

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KeePassToRDP aims to facilitate the connection to remote workstations via the Windows' Remote Desktop Connection utility. It extracts the login credentials out of a KeePass database, automatically generating and encrypting the RDP file, then launching a new remote session.

Extract credentials from KeePass and launch remote connections

The application does not require KeePass to be installed on your computer. It just uses data stored within a KeePass database to extract the username and the password it needs.

To be more specific, it goes through the title, notes and tags of all the database records and remembers the ones that include the case-insensitive string "RDP". All the matching entries are displayed in a drop-down list within its main window, even if they are organized in groups (KeePassToRDP preserves the database structure, so that you can identify credentials easier).

An intuitive interface with simple options

Using it shouldn't pose any problem, since the interface consists of a single window with all the options included. You start by opening the KeePass database you want it to analyze. Once the server list is generated, you can select the desired record from the drop-down list and launch the connection with the push of a button.

KeePassToRDP can be configured to connect to a server administration session or launch in public mode, when bitmaps and passwords are removed from the cache for security purposes.

A handy tool for existing KeePass users

KeePassToRDP can initiate remote connections to a target host by extracting user credentials from a KeePass database.

If you are accustomed with KeePass and use it as your password manager, then it's probably worth a try. Otherwise, you could simply instruct Remote Desktop Connection to remember your credentials and launch a remote connection just as easy.

KeePassToRDP was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on October 14th, 2014
KeePassToRDP - KeePassToRDP can launch Remote Desktop Connection and auto-complete the user credentials using a KeePass database.

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