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A simple to use software capable of identifying all the processes that currently run on your computer and terminate the selected ones

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Killer Process is a reliable application that enables you to terminate any process that is currently running on your computer. It can easily close unresponsive programs or background processes that take up too many resources. The software is lightweight and allows you to end a process manually or to schedule it to close automatically.

Reliable process manager

Killer Process can easily identify the instances that run on your computer, as well as their source: whether they are active applications or background processes and whether they are prompted by the user or by the system. The results are returned within the software’s interface.

The detected processed are displayed along with their names, priority, process identifying code and the amount of memory they are currently using. Killer Process also indicates the level of CPU usage with the help of colored lights. The lights are turned on as soon as the percentage of processor usage is raising.

Identifying processes and system information

Killer Process can automatically detect the name of the computer, the operating system and the current processor usage. It can display the list of running processes when prompted. You simply need to select the process you wish to terminate, then click on the dedicated button. The Kill Process function can cause the process to end on the spot or it can trigger a scheduler.

This way, you may close an application manually, or set a scheduler and let the software automatically end the selected process, when the timer is over. You may set the delay from one, up to 32 seconds. Additionally, you can set the software to notify you before terminating a program.

Close unnecessary or unresponsive programs instantly

Killer Process is a lightweight and reliable application that enables you to terminate processes that are unresponsive or that take up too much resources. Such applications or processes can block your computer, cause data loss and affect your computer on long term. Killer Process enables you to control which processes you wish to allow on your system.

Killer Process was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
Killer Process - Killer Process is a reliable program that enables you to safely terminate any process that runs on your computer.Killer Process - The software allows you to terminate the selected process on the spot or schedule it to be closed after a few seconds.

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