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Schedule computer shutdown with the help of this lightweight and intuitive application that enables you to select a specific time or a number of minutes until the shutdown

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Running long-lasting tasks such as downloading online files or creating backups requires your computer to stay turned on for a large period of time. An application such as autoShut can prove useful in such circumstances, considering that you must monitor the task progress and interrupt your work in order to shut down the PC manually.

autoShut is nothing more than a simple shutdown scheduling application, designed to help you instruct the computer to execute this particular power action at a predefined time in the future.

Simplicity is one of its main characteristics, but this is common for such a software tool. The user-friendly interface comprises all the options within a single window, allowing you to configure the program and start the countdown with the push of a button.

The GUI is split into two separate panes, one displaying the current time and date and the other including options for setting the timer.

There are two ways to use autoShut. One is to instruct it to turn off the system at a specific, exact time of your choice, while the other offers you the possibility to select a a time duration in minutes until the computer will be shut down. Clearly, the latter alternative is for situations when you want the PC to be turned off faster.

Once you've made your choice, your remaining task is to press the 'Start Countdown' button. A new window is displayed, containing information about the remaining time until the action is executed.

autoShut implements a simplistic automatic shutdown system that is very easy to configure and use. Despite its advantages, please note that there are similar applications out there that allow you to schedule other power actions alongside shutting down the PC.

autoShut was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
autoShut - You can view the current time and set the shutdown timer from within the main window of autoShut.autoShut - autoShut displays a small window containing the remaining time until the system is shut down.

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