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A lightweight and incredibly easy to use tool with the purpose of enabling you to schedule specific computer power options or run applications automatically

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Scheduling power actions like a system shutdown or a machine reboot can be done nowadays using just a small, dedicated software. Such a tool is Shutdown Timer, a simple application that is able to handle several tasks with the utmost ease.

Quick scheduling of power options

The program enables you to easily control all these tasks straight from the system tray, as the utility gives you the possibility to choose from multiple actions.

The interface is quite straightforward and allows you to immediately schedule a task. You can set the exact time when the action should start or specify in how many minutes Shutdown Timer must run that action.

Only a few features to work with

Insofar as the power management features are concerned, there are only a few actions included in the app, such as log off, restart and shutdown. Unfortunately, you won't find standby, shut down monitor or hibernate among them.

Have application automatically run

As an extra functionality, Shutdown Timer can act as a launcher as well. In this respect it has two dedicated features one for running applications (EXE files) and another for playing music files, but only those available in WAV format.

As straightforward as can get

Customization options are completely missing if you don't take the 'Run at startup' setting into consideration. Nonetheless, Shutdown Timer is really unobtrusive as it runs in the background and sits quietly in the System Tray.

To sum it up

All things considered, this application is well worth a try, but only if you need the specific power actions it can handle. It is very easy to use but it lacks some basic functions that would make it worthwhile. The application is going on the right path, but with a little more work it can earn a place amongst the best of its kind.

Shutdown Timer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
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