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A simple to use application designed to schedule your computer's shutdown, the current user's log out or sending your system to hibernation

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LegoIV Power Tool is a reliable system shutdown software that enables you to safely power off your computer at the current moment or according to a schedule. The software offers several options that you can enable and set them to run instantly or when the time runs out.

Power management tools

LegoIV Power Tool is a useful application particularly because of its computer shutdown scheduling function. It enables you to set a countdown timer, then leave your computer knowing that the system is powered off at the due moment. The software enables you to shutdown or restart the computer, send it to sleep, as well as to hibernation.

Moreover, you can sign out of the current user account, lock the screen or switch between users on the same station. Additionally, you can turn off the monitor. The functions can easily be enabled by clicking the dedicated buttons, then setting the scheduler to ‘Now’ or to ‘After’ a specified time. The countdown can be set from one second to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Leave the computer to shutdown on its own

LegoIV Power Tool can automate the system power-off and many other functions, forcing the computer to shutdown, restart, sleep or log out of the current user, at the due moment. The software allows you to set the desired action, then enable the timer, then start the countdown.

Your options are displayed on the right side of the software’s window, along with instructions for each step of the process. Moreover, the countdown timer in the bottom left corner of the window indicates the passing of seconds.

Useful power saving tool

LegoIV Power Tool is a solution for protecting your computer, from several points of view. Whether an application that takes too long to install or you need to leave your computer on for several more hours/minutes and you cannot stay in front of it, it is still not indicated to leave it on unattended. The waste of electricity, as well as endangerment of your private data are reasons enough to shut down your computer when you do not need it.

LegoIV Power Tool was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
LegoIV Power Tool - The main window of LegoIV Power Tool allows you to choose the power action you want to perform

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