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An application that scans the MSConfig utility in order to detect disabled startup items, allowing you to remove them in a few mouse clicks

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MSConfig Cleanup is a lightweight startup manager that together with Windows’ built-in MSConfig utility, manages to remove items that launch at system boot.

The MSConfig (or System Configuration) utility is a program designed to troubleshoot and manage boot options and startup processes. By disabling the services listed here, users can remove the assigned applications from Windows’ boot queue.

However, the entries will remain in the boot list, regardless of the fact that they are disabled. Removing them altogether is possible only via third-party applications such as MSConfig Cleanup, which will wipe those startup items from the list completely – never to be seen again.

There is a certain disadvantage to this: if you decide, at a later that you want to enable a certain application or service, it will require a great deal of efforts to get it back. This is a good reason for backing up your startup configuration in case you’ll need it later (a restore point is the best choice).

MSConfig Cleanup features a clean and user-friendly interface that lists all the startup services that have been detected as disabled in MSConfig. It suffices to check the items you wish to remove and to press the ‘Clean Up’ button in order to clear them for good.

Following this operation, you should no longer be bothered by the deleted startup applications. Please note that removing them from the boot queue does not install the applications altogether – this is a different process that can be achieved via the Control Panel.

Moreover, the items you previously cleaned up should no longer be present in MSConfig – if they still are, a restart operation might fix this issue.

Considering all of the above, MSConfig Cleanup is easy to use and efficient, but stands the risk of deleting some startup services that might be vital for the good functioning of your computer or its devices. That is why a backup operation is highly recommended.

MSConfig Cleanup was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 1st, 2013
MSConfig Cleanup - The main window of MSConfig Cleanup allows you to select he applications you want to clean up.

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