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Make your desktop a cleaner place and create easily accessible shortcuts for virtually everything you need in this compact software application

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Having easy access to everything you need does not only save you time, but also gives you a little bit more comfort. Shortcuts offer all of the above however, using applications such as Mouse Extender will also help you make the desktop a cleaner place.

Run anything you need with a single mouse click

The main window of the application is also the storage space for your shortcuts. You are able to add them either through the menu, or just by dragging them on the main window. Additionally, you have access to the control panel and your computer's power options, so you won't have to move your mouse too much around. Furthermore, everything can be organized in differently colored tabs for which you attribute a name, barely visible to save even more space.

Stays hidden until you need it

If you happen to accidentally click anywhere else, don't be alarmed, because the application minimizes to system tray in that particular case. You can always pin it to your desktop, or make use of its hotkeys and only bring it up when you need to access specific items stored there.

The application looks good enough however, customization options are always a plus. Something you can do, is further compact everything by ticking a box which will make the main window even smaller.

To end with

All in all, Mouse Extender offers quick access to virtually anything you might need from your computer and even from the Internet. It lacks customization options, and the tabs can sometimes be hard to open however, with little tweaks it serves its purpose just fine. If you consider your desktop is starting to fill up, give this handy utility a try.

Mouse Extender was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
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