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A very simple, yet efficient software program that delivers a more convenient manner of performing shutdown operations, including reboot, hibernate and sleep

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Power Apps was primarily designed for Windows 8 users who are having trouble finding their way to computer shutdown operations. It provides a much simpler way to turn off the computer, as well as to reboot, put it to sleep or hibernation.

Despite targeting Windows 8 users, Power Apps can be used on older operating systems as well. It delivers the possibility to perform computer shutdown actions at the cost of a single click, coming across as a faster alternative to the traditional Windows built-in functions.

The word that describes Power Apps the best is simplicity. Starting with its user interface and moving on to functionality, everything about it is very easy to understand and operate. However, there is such a thing as too simple and this may very well be the case of Power Apps.

We say this in honesty, because our experience with other shutdown managers has proven that such an application can be much more complex and feature-rich to the benefit of the end user.

First and foremost, Power Apps provides access to just four operations and these are: shutdown, restart, hibernate and sleep, whereas similar products provide support for logoff, lock or put monitor to sleep as well. Moreover, its competition also delivers various shutdown scheduling features, which Power Apps does not include.

In the end, Power Apps remains a collection of shortcuts to Windows’ most popular shutdown actions. Its developers need to work on a more flexible feature set that should include support for more operations and scheduling events in order to get in line with more modern software trends.

Power Apps was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Power Apps - Power Apps allows users to shutdown, restart, hibernate or put their computer to sleep in a one-click operation.

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