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A simple and easy to use menu that comprises power-related options, enabling you to shutdown, restart or hibernate your PC much easier

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Ever since the launch of Windows 8 back in 2012, users have complained about the absence of a more comfortable method to shutdown their PC, considering that in previous editions of Windows they only had to press the Start button and choose the designated option from a simple menu.

As a consequence, a variety of applications were designed in the following time period to meet this particular need, aiming to help users shutdown, restart or hibernate their computers the easy way, without navigating to the 'Settings' area. One of them is Quick Shutdown Menu and as its name implies, it displays a plain menu in the system tray containing all the power options.

Shutdown Windows the easy way

The main purpose of this application is to provide accessibility to the user, making the shutdown process less of a headache, especially for those who have just decided to try out Windows 8 and are not particularly acquainted with its characteristics.

A tray icon for all power options

Quick Shutdown Menu does not have a standard interface, but is reachable via the system tray menu next to the clock / date. Right-clicking on its icon reveals a menu where you can shutdown or reboot the PC, as well as activate the hibernate or the sleep mode.

In addition to this, there are options for logging off the current user and locking the computer, so as to prevent others from accessing your data without consent.

Accessible power options via a tray menu

Quick Shutdown Menu provides a convenient and easy way to power off a PC, while also providing one-click access to other power options. Of course, you can simply press 'ALT-F4' on the desktop to reveal the standard shutdown window, but in Windows 8 this only comprises sleep, shutdown, sign out and restart functions. While the application is particularly useful to users of Windows 8 and 8.1, you should know that it also runs on earlier editions of Windows.

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2014
Quick Shutdown Menu - You can use Quick Shutdown Menu to easily shutdown, restart or lock your computer, as well as log off the current user.

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