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Launch applications, documents, pictures, videos and any other file via the system tray, without having to create extra shortcuts on your desktop

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Quick Tray Launch is a viable software solution for situations when you want to easily access frequently used files and applications.

Particularly, it can prove useful to those who often find themselves working with several documents and programs simultaneously, which occupy the entire taskbar, making it a bit difficult to quickly find what they are looking for.

Launch any file from the system tray

Its main advantage is that it can create shortcuts for any type of file, be it an installed program, an image, a document, a video or your favorite music file.

When launching it for the first time, the application prompts you to populate the so-called 'launch folder', which is located within the 'AppData' directory. No shortcut will be displayed in the tray area until you comply.

One-time configuration

You must manually create shortcuts for all the items you want to place within the tray area and move them to the above mentioned folder. Images and other similar files that do not have dependencies can be simply copied to the launch folder.

When running Quick Tray Launch once more, new icons appear in the tray section, providing one-click access to each file.

There is no standard interface to work with, as the application only creates the launching area in the system tray. You can access its settings from the right-click menu, which enables you to refresh the shortcut list, open a specific file and navigate to the launch folder. It is advisable that you change the icons of programs or documents, for easier identification.

Convenient way to access documents and programs

Quick Tray Launch can transform the system tray into an application launching area, which results in an uncluttered desktop and taskbar. All the useful shortcuts are neatly displayed in the system tray, providing one-click access to your important documents and favorite applications.

Quick Tray Launch was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
Quick Tray Launch - You can use Quick Tray Launch to easily access frequently used applications or files via the system tray.

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