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A simple and easy to use application that helps you schedule precise computer shutdown, restart or lock operations, in just a few moves

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Shutdown Clock is an efficient and quite comprehensive piece of software created to provide you with a reliable means of scheduling your PC to reboot, power off, hibernate or lock, at user-defined hours or days.

Straight-forward and intuitive looks

The program’s interface is sufficiently simple to handle, due to the clearly stated functions and buttons, enabling even the least experienced individuals to easily work with it.

The main window lists the configured tasks, while the toolbar buttons help you ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ them from Shutdown Clock. When closed, the utility automatically retreats to the notification area, where you can access its functions by right-clicking your mouse on its icon.

Schedule your system to power off, reboot, hibernate or lock whenever and however you want

Shutdown Clock allows you to set up several types of tasks, that can run at a ‘Specific Time’, against a ‘Counter’, after a user-defined ‘Idle Time’ or, if you are working on a laptop, when the ‘Battery Percentage’ reaches a certain value, all of which can shutdown, restart, log off, lock or hibernate your computer.

Using the ‘Specific Time’ option, you can decide the occurrence of the operation, either once or daily, the former letting you set the date and time of the task, while the latter enables you to select the days of the week on which it should run, as well as the hour.

With the ‘Counter’, you can input the exact duration after which you want Shutdown Clock to execute the task, causing it to display a countdown timer up until the moment of the operation. Similarly, the ‘Idle Time’ function can have your system log off or shutdown when it hasn’t been touched in a number of minutes or hours.

Optionally, you can set the program to warn you five minutes before performing any of the configured tasks, also being able to automatically run at Windows startup, so even if you forget about it, it will still do its job dutifully.

A useful shutdown scheduler

To sum it all up, Shutdown Clock is an intuitive and fairly handy application that can successfully assist you in setting up preferred days and times when your computer should execute various power saving tasks, like restarting, logging off or hibernating.

Shutdown Clock was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
Shutdown Clock - The main window of Shutdown Clock displays the scheduled tasks, allowing you to edit or delete themShutdown Clock - The Add Clock window lets you input a comment, choose the power option, the occurrence and the timeShutdown Clock - The utility can run minimized in the notification area, enabling you to shutdown your PC with a mouse clickShutdown Clock - screenshot #4Shutdown Clock - screenshot #5Shutdown Clock - screenshot #6

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