Shutdown Xpert1.0

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Schedule computer shutdown or reboot





This program is useful for somebody who wants to force shutdown, force reboot or wants their personal computer (PC) to shut down automatically after a user-defined delay.

The main advantage of using such an application is that you will no longer need to wait near until your computer completes shutdown or reboot. This would allow you to get on with other things with the knowledge that your computer will definitely shutdown / reboot and will not hang due to open applications demanding some input from the user before a shutdown or reboot could complete.

Typical use of this software would probably include having this software shutdown your computer after a download completes whilst you are away. This would reduce wear and tear on your computer equipment as well as save energy.
Last updated on May 24th, 2011
Shutdown Xpert - This is the main window of Shutdown Xpert where you can choose the action you want to perform

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