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Make your mornings a little easier with this handy application that can open up everything you need to just sit down and start working

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It is practical, and also useful to keep a calendar on your desk to schedule, and keep track of important activities, and even more helpful to have an application that does that for you. You need only a simple guess to figure out what Start My Day is capable of.

This little utility provides a little more comfort in those mornings when running an application by yourself just feels annoying.

Simple and intuitive design

Start My Day introduces itself as an elegant tool, with large buttons that need no explanation regarding their role, and pleasant contrasting colors, all to make everything clearly visible, just in case your eyes still want you to go back to sleep. After spending little time navigating through all of its tabs, you will be sure that everything is in its place, and easy to reach.

Opens anything you need so you don't have to

Most office jobs nowadays imply working with different applications and windows simultaneously, which is not only time consuming when you have to do it every day, but can also get annoying for the short fused people. Start My Day allows you to to open various different file types, ranging from exe, to music, and video.

It features support for drag and drop, so you can skip the whole browsing process. Web pages can also be programmed to load, which can be useful for those that constantly need to be connected to the information superhighway.

The application can be told to run at startup, and also features an option for an alarm, not only preparing your desktop, but informing you that it is time to pour yourself a cup of coffee, and start working.

To end with

All in all, Start My Day is a neat tool to give you the little boost needed in even the most difficult mornings. Being programmable to run any day of the week, and being able to simultaneously open up various file types, make it a veritable partner you can rely on.

Start My Day was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
Start My Day - This is the main window of Start My Day that allows you to access all the featrues of the application.Start My Day - The main window of Start My Day enables you to start adding the application to launch.Start My Day - From this tab of Start My Day you can easily add web addresses to the list.Start My Day - screenshot #4Start My Day - screenshot #5Start My Day - screenshot #6Start My Day - screenshot #7

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