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A revolutionary tool to make your computer boot much faster

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Startup Faster! is a Windows application that promises to make your computer boot faster by giving you full control over the items to launch at Windows startup.

Although it claims it has the power to make wonders, the best feature integrated into Startup Faster! is actually the boot sequence manager that allows you to organize the items that start together with Windows.

The main window is being used to display the startup items, showing the program name, delay time and command line, with dedicated options to let you change any of these values.

You can also delete some of the existing items or even add new ones and simulate a typical startup, as Startup Faster! boasts what's being called a “Test Run” to see how fast your computer could start.

One of the problems we've discovered during our tests concerns the programs you wish to remove from the Windows startup. While you can change delay time and command line options, Startup Faster! isn't able to delete all the entries, and some of them are brought back in the list after a simple refresh.

The options screen only lets you see boot information and control the StartupAgent, which is actually a simple icon that sits in System Tray and provides instant access to the main features of the app.

Startup Faster! works flawlessly on Windows 7 too and doesn't hamper system performance at all. It's recommended to make a backup before changing the startup sequence though.

Overall, Startup Faster! is nothing more than a startup manager that gives control over the items configured to launch with Windows. It provides full control over the startup list, but everything else is pretty basic.

Startup Faster! was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 13th, 2012
Startup Faster! - The main window of Startup Faster! allows users to view the options they have in hand to work with.Startup Faster! - In this tab you can configure the general settings of the software.Startup Faster! - From this window you can rapidly modify settings regarding the appearance of the software.

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