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A simple and straightforward application that was developed to help you decide nad implement which programs should run at Windows startup

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SubiSoft StartUp Manager is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software which aims to assist you in disabling, removing or adding programs to your Windows startup list, enabling you to fully decide which apps can auto-launch.

No installation required

Subsequent to the download process, you can simply unzip the archive and run the executable, bearing in mind that you need to have administrator privileges to work with the utility.

Since installation is not in any way a necessity, you can easily store SubiSoft StartUp Manager on a portable memory device, using it on any compatible system that you may want, then removing it when done.

Decide which apps can or cannot run at Windows startup

When launched, SubiSoft StartUp Manager is able to quickly determine which are the programs that automatically run every time you log into your Windows account. These can be grouped into various categories, for instance ‘Enabled’, ‘Disabled’ or ‘Invalid Entries’, the last of which may be due to the tool’s inability to find the app’s location on your system.

The programs that are currently running will be displayed in a green color, while hidden software will be distinguishable thanks to the red color listing. Should you notice certain records that do not belong in your startup queue, you can check the corresponding box and disable or remove them altogether.

Moreover, SubiSoft StartUp Manager allows you to manually add new apps to your list. For this, you need to indicate their location from a dedicated menu (for instance ‘HKCU - Run’, ‘HKLM - RunOnce’, ‘HKLM - RunServices’, and others). You should also enter a name, the path of the tool and optionally, CMD arguments.

A handy auto-launcher

In short, SubiSoft StartUp Manager is a helpful application that provides you with the ability of thoroughly organizing your list of automatically-launching utilities, helping you get rid of conspicuous entries as well as letting you add new ones, as needed.

SubiSoft StartUp Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 5th, 2014
SubiSoft StartUp Manager - The main window of SubiSoft StartUp Manager displays the applications that run at Windows startupSubiSoft StartUp Manager - Aside from existing ones, you can also manually add programs to the startup scheduleSubiSoft StartUp Manager - The Location menu enables you to specify the type of software that it is dealing with

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