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A powerful and incredibly easy to use alternative for Task Manager that cleverly sits in the system tray and tries to terminate application and processes without affecting performance or stability

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We experience frozen applications on a daily basis. The operations that follow this unfortunate event are nevertheless stressful and do not always bring a fast resolution to the given problem. The Task Manager is the most popular tool to call up in this case. Then why would someone develop an application that does what the built-in process and window management software already does?

Clever integration in your workspace

Task Killer's title promises to be that program you'd wish you had every time Task Manager failed to impress with program termination. Firstly, it is tray-based software. With a click of the button (left one in this case), it will bring two application lists up on the screen – one for processes and the other for windows. This can also be done by assigning a hotkey for this operation. Furthermore, Task Killer can automatically run at startup, providing you with its services whenever asked for.

Gets the job done as safe as possible

Users will be able to quickly and easily select the program's window or process in order to terminate it. After the confirmation message, the application will be successfully closed. Task Killer will protect the system processes by colorizing their titles. It also provides users with 'SmartKill' mode that tries to perform a more safe termination regarding the OS environment. The Appearance section of the Settings window will allow users to add the respective app's icons as well as the sorting method (by name or creation date).

Several customization options available

Another useful option resides in the Processes sub-section and will show the full path of the program instead of its sole filename. We can also choose to place system processes at the top of the list and select the color for them. Confirmation dialogs can be easily customized from zero pop-ups to notification for all tasks or system tasks and service stopping. Thus, you are able to create and manage two lists for processes or windows that contain whitelisted items within the 'Excluded applications' section.

To end with

To sum it up, Task Killer is indeed a helpful and effective program terminator. The hotkey creation (easy access to main menu, processes, window and services) capability only adds up to the list of thoughtful features. It will certainly improve your application crash management and thus, your day better.

Task Killer was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Task Killer - Task Killer will provide users with a very fast and neat way to end hanged applications, processes or servicesTask Killer - The right click menu of the application's tray icon will offer a list of options like Settings, Help, About or ExitTask Killer - Users will be able to access options such as Common, Appearance, Confirmations or Hotkeys from the Settings windowTask Killer - screenshot #4Task Killer - screenshot #5Task Killer - screenshot #6Task Killer - screenshot #7Task Killer - screenshot #8

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