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A useful and easy to configure application that enables you to quickly launch websites, programs and various computer areas, improving your workflow

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Top of The Screen aims to improve your workflow and enhance productivity by conveniently launching frequently accessed websites or important computer areas, such as the Control Panel, as well as storing important data, such as passwords and usernames.

Top of The Screen can be accessed by slowly sliding the mouse cursor from the top center to the right of the screen, but this can be done much easier using the system tray icon.

Its main GUI comprises two main sections, namely 'Web' and 'Common'. The first one stores shortcuts to user-defined webpages, along with the login credentials, if any. Clicking on the corresponding button for a website launches it in the default web browser and automatically copies the password to the clipboard.

The other section can be used for storing additional information concerning your full name, home address, credit card number, user IDs and so on. Practically, you can place here any data that you find difficult to remember. With a single click, records can be copied to the clipboard so that you can introduce them in dedicated fields in the browser or other application.

The advantage is that all the data is stored in encrypted text files. However, since the access to the application itself is not protected in any way, anyone might read your passwords if they use the program.

Top of The Screen offers predefined shortcuts to folders and locations most users access on a daily basis, such as 'My Computer', 'Control Panel', 'Downloads' and so on. Furthermore, it allows you to create a simple text document and store data on appointments or events there.

With a single click, you can launch the default Internet browser (which is automatically detected) or launch popular websites. The main GUI also includes buttons for dropping documents, pictures, music files and videos into one of your personal folders or navigating to the desktop, regardless of the number of opened windows (when pressing 'Desktop', all of them are minimized).

Top of The Screen reduces the need of manually typing, showing a lot of potential. However, it might really be more appealing to users with a few improvements, such as support for more website entries, password protection and extended customization possibilities.

Top of The Screen was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 18th, 2014
Top of The Screen - The main window of Top of The Screen enables you to enter the desired websites and the e-mail addresses.Top of The Screen - With Top of The Screen, you can easily access important sections of Control Panel.Top of The Screen - You can use Top of The Screen to launch various websites in your default web browser.Top of The Screen - screenshot #4Top of The Screen - screenshot #5

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