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Turnoff, Reboot, Log Off or Hibernate your computer

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Turnoff Master is a Windows freebie capable of scheduling Windows tasks , such as shutdowns and reboots.

If there’s something that really deserves to be praised in this app, it’s the overall simplicity of both the interface and the built-in features.

With just a plain and simple GUI, Turnoff Master allows users to schedule five different operations, namely shut down, restart, log off, hibernate and sleep.

All options are grouped in a single window for easy handling, so after selecting the operation you want to perform, you are required to configure the time.

There are three options at your disposal: once after a defined amount of time, once at a configured time and daily at a specific moment.

There are only a few options available and this is quite a good thing given the overall simplicity we were talking about. Force execution is included too in order to automatically close the apps that may block the operation, and so is a warning to be displayed before execution.

Last but not least, users are allowed to disable wakeup after hibernate or sleep, again from the one and only window.

Turnoff Master doesn’t require advanced computer knowledge, but a help section is also available. Of course, chances are that only a few users actually have a look in there, thanks to the intuitive approach.

So, as a conclusion, Turnoff Master is an app that doesn’t disappoint its users. It is focused on just one purpose and does everything perfectly. The app features only the essential tools to schedule a Windows task and no other unnecessary options.

Turnoff Master was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 15th, 2012
Turnoff Master - Turnoff Master will help you shutdown, reboot, log off or hibernate your computer at the time you likeTurnoff Master - Users will be able to access options such as Shut down, Restart, Log off, Hibernate or Sleep from the Operation menu

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