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Change the classic Windows Start Menu with a modern design that lets you customize it and almost instantly access any file or application

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Windows brought improvements for both functionality and appearance with each new version launched by Microsoft. Users not willing to adopt the new OS are on the look for skins, themes or plugins to give them the feel of the new product.

Modern replacement for the classic Start Menu

Vista Start Menu does just that for the start menu of your XP: it brings a new look and feel to your system start menu and even gives you more functionality that the actual thing. The quick installation process gives you the possibility to have a taste of the product right away. It automatically replaces your system start menu with a browser like interface allowing you to easily identify the documents, music, pictures and programs stored on your computer.

Fully customizable elements

It is fully customizable and gives you the chance to add any number of user defined items to the menu, from system commands to user folders, accessible to you with one click. To further come to your aid, the application allows you to arrange items in sub-categories alphabetically or by type and name, making it easier for you to find desired items using your visual memory. So whenever you search for something you will know where to look at to find it.

Use the keyboard to move around

Moreover, the items in the start menu's sub-categories are organized in sections. Here is where one of the program's main functions comes in handy: you can use key tips to easily navigate the start menu contents using only the keyboard, like real professionals. Numbers are assigned to each category and letters to sections in subcategories. Pressing the related key will open or launch the desired application. It’s that simple!

Easily navigate through your computer

Vista Start Menu's main perk, though, is that it really doesn't matter how many programs you have on your PC, you can view them all in the start menu. That's because the menu can be stretched and resized to your liking, fitting all desktop items, if necessary. And if that doesn't do it, you can easily zoom out using the embedded zooming function.

Quickly identify items with an integrated search engine

But that's not all the application has to offer: you can use one of the custom search engines the application packs to easily find data on your computer, you can assign function keys to the application's main power management functions and you can choose from a variety of language packs and skins.

On an ending note

All these make Vista Start Menu a useful and fun tool for both XP and Vista or Windows 7, and even Windows 8 users. The highly customizable menu makes it perfectly blend in with your desktop, while available features let you launch virtually anything of interest in a couple of seconds.

Vista Start Menu was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Vista Start Menu - Vista Start Menu was especially designed to help you replace the confusing menu in Windows XP and Windows Vista.Vista Start Menu - From this window of Vista Start Menu, you can choose to replace the system Start menu.Vista Start Menu - This tab will allow you to select the power buttons and change the shortcuts.

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