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Make some room on your desktop and store favorite programs, folders and webpages into a dockable toolbar which be greatly customized

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sTabLauncher comes with a smart solution for cleaning your desktop from a multitude of shortcuts. It gives you the possibility to place all your favorite programs, folders and webpages in a customizable toolbar which comes with support for different colors, shapes and transparency options.

How to set up a new toolbar on your desktop

By default, the utility automatically places a toolbar at the top side of your screen. The toolbar is made up of multiple tabs which can have a user-defined name. This way, you can easily organize your utilities by different categories, such as Internet, Application, Email and Games.

You can add separators between the icons embedded in a tab and alter the position of the toolbar (top or bottom of the screen). The toolbar is dockable, and you can make the tool show it at Windows startup.

Populate the dockable bar with programs

sTabLauncher helps you add a new item to the toolbar by providing information about the name and file location, picking an image (you can choose from system icons or add JPG, PNG or BMP photos), and displaying custom text over the icon. The text can be altered in terms of font, size, inner and outer color, and orientation.

Personalize each tab

You are given the freedom to set up each tab by specifying details about the name and choosing between different tab styles. The utility lets you add custom skin and select the preferred tab color.

The Music tab can be created for playing, stopping or pausing audio files and going to the next or previous audio selection. You can save the current configuration to a file on your computer so you can easily import it in your future projects, as well as set up plugins.

Bottom line

In case you want to declutter your desktop and make it look tidy and clean, sTabLauncher comes with the right tools for helping you accomplish the task. Experts won’t get bored because the configuration pack is thorough enough to keep them busy for a while.

sTabLauncher was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 16th, 2015
sTabLauncher - This is sTabLauncher where you can easily add shortcuts of your most used applications.sTabLauncher - sTabLauncher will give you the possibility to create and personalize your tabs with any color, shape or transparency.sTabLauncher - This is the Options window of the sTabLauncher software where you can change the dock position.sTabLauncher - screenshot #4sTabLauncher - screenshot #5sTabLauncher - screenshot #6sTabLauncher - screenshot #7sTabLauncher - screenshot #8

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