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Access all of your favorite web pages and launch applications directly from the context menu by creating shortcuts with this practical application

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By default, an operating system puts a large variety of basic and advanced commands at your disposal. The context menu is one of them, providing a great deal of accessibility. With the help of specialized applications such as 7CMenuEditor you are able to customize items in the specific menu for enhanced ease of access.

Lightweight and easy to use

The application requires little of your system's resources and space on the hard disk drive in order to properly run. The main window is cleverly designed to let you quickly accommodate, with intuitive arrangement of its features.

You are given the possibility to create shortcuts for nearly any application installed on your computer. With only a few mouse clicks this is done and you don't need to keep the main window up in order for changes to be constantly available.

Good but far from being a pro

Furthermore, you are able to make your favorite web pages accessibly through the context menu and have them opened with a preferred browser. The same can be done for applications, giving you the possibility to cleverly organize desktop shortcuts and free up some desktop space.

However, customization options are slightly limited. There is no implemented option that lets you create functions. Nor is there a possibility to add folders for a clever sorting of items. Moreover, positioning is also difficult, as you can only choose from top, middle or bottom, these being arranged in the order you add them.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that 7CMenuEditor lets you take advantage of all of its features, but these are slightly limited. It comes in handy if you want to organize favorite web pages and shortcuts differently. It's not the best of its kind and does not fully live up to expectations.

7CMenuEditor was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
7CMenuEditor - 7CMenuEditor will help you quickly and easily customize your Context Menu with this simple tool

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