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A lightweight utility that enables you to customize the way Modern UI applications close, by tweaking the distance they need to be dragged in order to close them

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The new Windows 8 interface brought a lot of changes when it comes to functionality and accessibility, due to the fact that it was designed to support touch-based devices as well, such as tablets and smartphones. One of the new gimmicks showcased by the operating system is the Modern UI, which enables applications to run in fullscreen mode and be more interactive.

Customize the way applications are closed

8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer is a software utility that enables you bring a few tweaks when it comes to the way you close applications using the Modern UI. As you might know, you can close an app by dragging it with your mouse to the bottom of your screen and holding it there for two seconds. Although this process is very straightforward, it can be quite time consuming, since you cannot bypass those two seconds of waiting time.

This utility, on the other hand, allows you to customize your experience and modify both the waiting time period and the distance you have to drag the mouse in order to close the app. Hence, by using the provided pair of sliders, you can manually adjust the time interval in milliseconds and choose the preferred dragging distance.

Use the recommended settings or restore the defaults

In case you are not happy with the default Modern UI settings, but you do not want to manually adjust them either, you can simply use the pre-defined recommended values and take full advantage of the application's capabilities. In addition, you can also restore the default settings, if you are not happy with the new behavior.

Regardless of the changes you decide to bring, it is worth noting that the utility needs to restart your Explorer service in order for the new set of values to have any effect, which can sometimes make your computer stutter. In addition, it only works with applications that use the Modern UI, so it does not affect any other program you might happen to have installed on your system.

A clean utility that improves responsiveness

Although 8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer brings minimal changes to your computer, the difference they can make is quite substantial, especially if you are aiming to speedup the overall responsiveness of your applications. Furthermore, the simple and easy-to-use interface make it a handy tool to have around even for inexperienced users.

8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
8 Apps Closing Behaviour Customizer - You can use the sliders to control the closing time and the distance you need to drag the applications.

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