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Easily enable the Aero effect where it's not possible

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Aero Enabler is a small, yet reliable utility designed to implement or activate the Aero effect in situations where the operating system does not allow it or when it has been disabled by an application or system event.

Users of Vista and Windows 7 Home Basic do not benefit from the Aero feature, which is a drawback for those who wish to enjoy the popular window transparency. Even in this case, there is a solution that can work a miracle and implement the much craved Aero effect.

It’s called Aero Enabler and it sports simplicity, ease of use and accessibility. Since it comes in a category that’s less explored by developers, the competition is very scarce and as such, the applications has gained a huge crowd of fans.

Being a graphics tweaker, Aero Enabler is able to work only with computers that meet a set of requirements. These include DirectX 9 acceleration, Pixel Shader and a WDDM-compatible driver. However, this last requirement is optional – Aero can still be enabled by ticking the ‘Disable Hardware Check’ button.

The application manages to accomplish its purpose by tweaking a series of Windows settings, ‘tricking’ the computer into allowing transparency. Your efforts are reduced to clicking a single button, after which the adjustments are being made in a command-line window.

It shouldn’t take long for the operation to succeed, depending on the performance of your computer. Subsequently, when Aero is enabled, the application features a button to deactivate it.

In conclusion, Aero Enabler is an awesome solution for transparency-related issues. It’s mainly designed for Vista / 7 Home Basic users, but can be used to troubleshoot Aero on other editions of these operating systems.

Aero Enabler was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 9th, 2013
Aero Enabler - This is the main window of the application where you can easily enable Aero on your computer

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