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A most useful package that will help you save hours of precious time after re-installing Windows 98 SE and needing to update and tweak it

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One of the most successful releases of Microsoft proprietary OS, Windows 98 SE, still has many fans that keep it just for the love of good old memories. There are some who still use it actively and for both categories of users any application that can bring an improvement to their preferred operating system is welcomed.

One such software solution is Auto-Patcher For Windows 98SE, a neat toolkit that was especially designed to bring all the necessary updates and tweaks that will make everything work smoothly and without glitches or crashes.

This package can be deployed and run in a sort of automatic mode, more precisely you can start it and choose the first option to have the PC patched automatically. Alternately, you have the possibility to pick manually each module that is to be installed.

A neat feature of Auto-Patcher For Windows 98SE is the built-in search function that enables you to check the system and get a report which includes all the missing updates that the OS will need in order to operate seamlessly.

There are some components that come with several options and these are marked properly, so you can select them to see for yourself what exactly is inside those packages. Besides the system updates and hotfixes that are to be expected from such a bundle, there are other useful apps that can be added and enhanced.

With Auto-Patcher For Windows 98SE you can add Internet Explorer 6 SP1, Windows Media Player, DirectX 9.0c or the second version of Windows Installer that will surely make the system better. The security updates, recommended tweaks, Visual Basic runtimes or laptop specific hotfixes are also among the available modules.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that all users who still keep around the old OS will surely be very glad to come across Auto-Patcher For Windows 98SE because it can be of great help, especially when re-installing the operating system.

Auto-Patcher For Windows 98SE was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 21st, 2014
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