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Simple-to-configure and efficient program that helps you get rid of repetitive tasks by automating mouse clicks, while offering support for hotkeys and shutdown options (lock, log off, turn off, standby or hibernate)

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There are several situations that require repetitive mouse clicking. If you’re involved in that kind of activities and you’re tired of it, the solution lays in software that automates mouse clicks.

GS Auto Clicker is a small utility that can make clicks happen for you. Its sole purpose is to click the mouse, thus saving you time and effort. This is especially useful when you're at work or playing a game that involves endless clicking.

Installation and GUI

The installation process is fast and speedy. Aside from pressing a few ‘Next’ buttons, your intervention is not required. The main window of the program has an extremely simple design, which makes it accessible to all user categories in the audience.

Configuration settings

By pressing a hotkey that you can set, GS Auto Clicker does the entire job for you. All configurations can be done via the Options menu. From here, you can select which mouse button will be clicked, how many clicks it should perform, an auto click hotkey, and the click interval. With the Smart Click feature, you can keep extensive records of mouse clicks.

Once you press the designated hotkey, all you have to do is sit back and watch work being flawlessly carried out by the application. It's so small that you can't even notice it when it's running. No need to bring up the use of CPU resources, because it’s negligible in this case.

Other notable features worth being mentioned enable you to trigger a specific action at the end of the task, namely lock, log off, turn off, standby or hibernate, show balloon tips, as well as record and replay multiple clicks.

An overall efficient tool

All in all, GS Auto Clicker is a great utility if you require an efficient and speedy mouse clicker. With its assistance, you can shorten the time you normally allocate to repetitive mouse tasks and thus increase productivity.

GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - You can use the main window of the application to access all the options and features.GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - The Hotkey Setting window allows you to quickly select the key you want to use.GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - GS Auto Clicker is a software that enables you to access the clicking and recording options.GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - screenshot #4GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - screenshot #5GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - screenshot #6GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) - screenshot #7

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