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A useful tool for Vista Laptops! Save battery and keep track of remaining battery percentage

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There are various battery monitoring applications on the market but most of them do not bring to the table much improvement compared to the default solution built-into every portable computer.

Looks and purpose

BattCursor is bent on showing the level of the battery charge at all times and for this to be able it shows the value right under an item with plenty of screen time: the mouse cursor.

Installation should not take to long to complete and it is not a complicated process; all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen. Immediately after completion the application can be configured so that it fits your needs.

Tinkering with settings

Apart from offering options for defining the battery levels that trigger a notification BattCursor also provides the possibility to configure the visibility of the power under the mouse cursor.

The options available can enable the display of the value at all times or on specific occasions, when the computer is running on battery or if the battery is present. Additional customization refers to the cursor and text color. A preview shows the final result of the configuration.

Just showing the battery level under the mouse cursor is not all the program can do for you as the developer also included tweaks for saving power.

The options include disabling AeroGlass when a specific battery level has been reached or tinkering with backlight dimming settings.


BatCursor is not a complicated utility to work with and it can be a real asset on the supported operating systems. It offers access to the power profiles and after the initial configuration there is no need to tinker with it anymore.

Having the battery level in plain view when the value reaches a specific threshold eliminates the need to constantly check with the system tray icon, which may result in an overall productivity boost.

BattCursor was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
BattCursor - This is the main configuration window of BattCursor from where you can select the language, battery levels etc.BattCursor - From this window of BattCursor you can easily select the visibility of the cursor, cursor color etc.BattCursor - From the Battery Tweaks window users can choose to disable some features when their battery is low.BattCursor - screenshot #4

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