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Simple tool that monitors the clipboard and creates a history of the elements that passed through, offering the possibility to retrieve them





CLIPTRAY has been created as a handy utility that can help create a history file for the files added to the clipboard.

The application installs easily and it is intuitive enough for less experienced users to be able to use it with no trouble whatsoever.

Immediately after the installation procedure the application is active and available in the system tray area. The tool is not restricted to saving snippets of text for longer periods of time as it can also hold entire files.

Monitoring of the clipboard can be interrupted at any time by the user and there is support for plain text, RTF, HTML, images and folders.

Moreover, its list of features includes image capturing capabilities, that can be triggered for the current window or for the entire screen straight from the tray icon.

By simply clicking on the tray icon the utility shows the history of the clipboard items and allows retrieving them with very little effort.

The configuration panel of the application includes the possibility to define the maximum size of the clipboard history and to prevent the copying of the same item twice.

For a quick view of the entire clipboard history users can set a shortcut key. Once the elements are displayed the user can select any of them to replace the current data in the clipboard.
Last updated on September 23rd, 2003
CLIPTRAY - The tray icon makes available the possibility to access image capture tools and the configuration panelCLIPTRAY - The configuration panel allows setting up the maximum size of the history file and the caption lengthCLIPTRAY - Under the advanced set of options the user can define the location for the personal clipboard history

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