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Easily recover the classic Start Menu and apply it to Windows 8, 7 and Vista with this tool in a simple way while also being able to customize it

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Classic Windows Start Menu is an application especially designed for those who want to stroll down on memory lane by bringing back the classic Start Menu from Windows XP. That being one of the reasons, another might be that for some, it proves to be more practical.

Reinstate the Classic Start Menu in no time

Classic Windows Start Menu doesn’t require an installation as it comes in the form of a one click package. All you have to do is run the EXE file and the application immediately takes action.

Regardless of the Windows version you are using it on, it works the same and in all cases you have to give the app a few seconds for it to be functional. In Windows 8 the difference is the easiest to spot as the application adds the Start Button.

Once it is up and running, hitting the Windows key on your keyboard or pressing the CTRL+ESC combination will display the menu exactly as it was back in the day.

The same feel as with the real one

Classic Windows Start Menu works exactly like the classic XP menu, providing the ‘Programs’, ‘Documents’ and ‘Control Panel’ expandable submenus. It also houses the ‘Search’ and ‘Run’ functions, along with the shortcut for ‘Command Prompt’.

Easy to customize to your taste

The application also allows you to customize the Start Menu in regards to icon size, selection style, available elements, background and ribbon. Being able to do all of this and more, makes Classic Windows Start Menu a bit more practical since there is a chance that you might get bored of the basic appearance quite fast.

Moreover, this app can be used on all the recent operating system and there is the possibility that in Windows 8, from a quality point of view, Classic Windows Start Menu might disappoint.

An easy way to bring back the classic Start Menu from XP

All-in-all, if you’re feeling nostalgic or think that it was better the way XP had it, then you can use Classic Windows Start Menu.

Classic Windows Start Menu was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
Classic Windows Start Menu - This is how Classic Windows Start Menu will look onto the system once it is installed.Classic Windows Start Menu - Classic Windows Start Menu provides quick access to a variety of system commands and Control Panel options.Classic Windows Start Menu - To configure the running options of Classic Windows Start Menu you can use the 'Settings' menu of the application.Classic Windows Start Menu - screenshot #4Classic Windows Start Menu - screenshot #5

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