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Remove items from the right-click menu

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All users who have installed enough software applications on their PCs must know how annoying it may be to find some items in the right-click menu that should have been removed in the same time with the program that put them in there.

Getting rid of those items usually means spending many minutes in the Registry Editor to find and remove all those entries, but now you can use some dedicated utilities that will get the job done much faster.

Context Menu Editor is one of the possible solutions that comes to tackle this issue. It enables you to play a little bit with the right-click menu entries and delete the ones you don't need any more.

The application is pretty easy to use as we found out during our tests, when we used all the available options, namely file context menu, folder context menu and IE context menu and the app worked okay the whole time.

When you highlight an entry, you can immediately view information such as the item's description and location as well as file details regarding version, copyright, company and more.

For those entries that no longer have a corresponding target on your system, all these fields will be empty and it should be safe to remove them. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution every time you get ready to delete an item because this action is irreversible.

All things considered, Context Menu Editor is one of the best tools you can get when it comes to working with your Windows context menu. The program is very easy to use and doesn't require anything more than a bit more attention than usual for erasing the right-click menu entries to avoid deleting some items that are in fact necessary for you.

Context Menu Editor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 9th, 2012
Context Menu Editor - Context Menu Editor will offer you a list of the right-click menus for files, folders and Internet Explorer.

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