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Copy File Path and Name using Windows Explorer Context Menu Extensions






The Copy File Name Utility package contains two folders. Each folder contains a small application written in Visual Basic 6, a .reg installer file, a .reg uninstaller file, and a readme text file.

The first utility is simply called Copy Pathname (arg2cp.exe). It copies path of the selected file or folder to clipboard. The second utility is called Copy Filename (arg2cn.exe). It copies the name of the selected file or folder to the clipboard. These applications are meant to be invoked by Windows Explorer. If you try to invoke them independently, you will get nothing but an error message.

The .reg files are used in place of regular installation and uninstallation programs. The registry files create certain entries in the Windows Registry store. These entries cause Windows Explorer to provide the custom context menu options displayed above. When a user right-clicks a file or folder and selects one of the menu options, Windows Explorer will send the full path of the file or folder to the application (either arg2cp.exe or arg2cn.exe) specified by the relevant registry entry. The application processes the file/folder path information and copies the processed information to the clipboard.
Last updated on December 10th, 2009
Copy File Name Utility - Windows Explorer Context Menu Options for FilesCopy File Name Utility - Windows Explorer Context Menu Options for Folders

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