Easy Battery Manager

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A power management program that enables you to use the battery power efficiently by creating a new entry in the Control Panel snap-in

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Easy Battery Manager is a practical, useful and reliable application worth having when you need to use the optimal power plan for maximizing the battery usage of your laptop.

After the installation process is finished, you will notice that Easy Battery Manager automatically creates a new entry in the ‘Power Options’ snap-in, from the ‘Hardware and Sounds’ panel, namely ‘Samsung Optimized’. Once you select it, the program will set all the power management items to their optimal values, but you can also customize them the way you want.

The ‘Change plan settings’ link will redirect you to a new window from where you can configure the sleep and the display settings that you want your computer to use. This way, you can turn off the display after a predefined period of time. However, in case the selected options don’t suit your preferences anymore, you can easily restore the default settings by accessing the proper link.

Additionally, you can press the ‘Change advanced power settings’ link if you want to choose the power plan that you want to customize, then choose the settings that best reflect how you want your PC to manage the power.

You can easily switch between the available plans such as ‘Balanced’, ‘High Performance’, ‘Power saver’ and ‘Samsung Optimized’. Once you have selected the desired plan, you can easily modify each setting the way you want. Options such as ‘Hard disk’, ‘PCI Express’, ‘USB Settings’, ‘Desktop background settings’, ‘Display’ and ‘Power buttons and lid’ categories are available in the list.

In this manner, Easy Battery Manager helps you to master what the power and sleep buttons do each time they are pressed, enable adapter brightness, turn off the hard disk after a couple of minutes, as well as optimize the video quality each time you play your favorite files.

Overall, Easy Battery Manager comes in handy for users who need to personalize a power plan the way they want, thus maximizing the battery usage.

Easy Battery Manager was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
Easy Battery Manager - Easy Battery Manager will add an entry to the Power Plans to provide you with the best settings for optimizing battery usage.

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