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Use the ESC key to close applications or browser tabs that by default can only be closed using the ALT-F4 or other key combination

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Esc Close is designed to re-allocate the 'close' function to the 'ESC' key on your keyboard, enabling you to use it to close a window or a browser tab.

In recent versions of Windows, the ESC key is usually assigned to functions related to interrupting or cancelling an on-going process. Also, it can play the role of a shortcut for choosing a negative answer in dialog boxes, such as 'quit', 'exit', 'abort' or 'cancel'.

However, most applications do not close if you press the ESC key, as there is another combination designated for this purpose, namely ALT-F4, which some users find quite uncomfortable to press. Esc Close is a small utility that can appoint this task to the ESC key, making it much easier to close a window or a tab in any program you are running.

The application runs silently in the system tray, but you should take the time to configure its settings before leaving it to run in the background.

It enables you to build up a list of programs that will be closed when the ESC key is pressed. To make things easier for you, it provides an option that allows you to select items from the list of currently opened windows.

Esc Close can be instructed to close a tab or the entire window when the ESC key is pressed twice or three times in a row. And even if this program is active, the standard shortcuts assigned to these two actions (CTRL-F4 for tab closing and ALT-F4 for window closing) still work.

The ESC key is associated to a 'stop' action, while closing a window or a tab is done using other combinations. Esc Close can make it possible for you to close a window by pressing a single button, not to mention that its position to the upper right side of the keyboard is more comfortable and accessible.

Esc Close was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Esc Close - Esc Close runs in the system tray and enables you to access its settings from the context menu.Esc Close - You can use the 'Settings' window of Esc Close to set the waiting interval and the actions to perform when the ESC key is pressed.Esc Close - Esc Close enables you to specify the applications you want it to close when the ESC key is pressed once.

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