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Free and optimize RAM (Random Access Memory) and the swap-file usage

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FAST Defrag Freeware is now a limited software application due to its lack of recent development. While performing properly on Windows XP as well as previous iterations, FAST Defrag Freeware does not support 64-bit computing, nor the Vista and above line of Microsoft operating systems.

The main idea behind this particular piece of software is the fact that Windows, on its own, never excelled at optimizing the system memory. FAST Defrag Freeware comes packing a different doctrine as opposed to the one of the most RAM optimizers out there. While these programs aggressively clean up the memory, no matter the importance of the active application.

This way, you may experience various errors and longer loading times of software that you have even recently closed and, in theory, should be back on track faster than the first time it was launched. FAST Defrag Freeware focuses only on that portion of the memory that is only occupied by previously loaded programs. It does not tamper with any running processes, thus other software can always rely on connecting to their mandatory services in the shortest possible time.

By cleaning the RAM up in a lunatic, ruthless and, more importantly, mode, the average software cuts any link between the application and its necessary resources. The FAST Defrag Freeware method, while less “efficient” when it comes to the quantity of recovered system memory, edges out the competition thanks to its innovative algorithm that performs a thoughtful sweeping of both the physical and the virtual memory.

The bottomline is that FAST Defrag Freeware would have been a really good software if it development would not have been halted so many years ago. Its quality is definitely there, but the lack of support for newer technology and, implicitly, latest operating systems makes it less desirable and nothing more than a nostalgic assembly of truly wonderful set of features.

FAST Defrag Freeware was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 9th, 2013
FAST Defrag FreewareFAST Defrag FreewareFAST Defrag Freeware

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