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A handy addition for Internet Explorer and IE-based browser that allows users to save Flash (SWF) content from the visited webpages





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Web browsers evolved continuously and at a rapid pace during the last couple of years and this was just to keep up with the fresh web technologies. Looking back almost a decade or so, things were a lot more settled, in the sense that it was not necessary to update the Internet navigator once every couple of weeks or even sooner, as the current rate seems to be.

Internet Explorer hardly had any serious competition back then and developers focused on creating extensions that could expand the rather limited set of features offered by Microsoft's web browser and bring it more up to date.

Add-ons like Flash Saving Plugin were as valued then as they are nowadays because they allowed users not only to view specific content more easily, but also keep it on their PCs. This particular tool is quite hard-to-please in the modern era because of its outdated demands.

If you think your system is modern and supports any technology in existence, this plugin will prove you wrong. It doesn't need the latest version of IE, far from it, in fact, you will have to go through a lot of trouble to find and install Internet Explorer 6 which is compatible with Flash Saving Plugin.

Considering that this version of IE will run on XP (which just reached the end of its road, with Microsoft ceasing to provide support for it) or earlier versions of Windows, it all adds up to a highly unlikely scenario in which someone would actually get to use this add-on.

It is equipped with its own SWF Cache Viewer for exploring Flash content from IE's cache and even if it can be integrated in the context menu to make it easier to save animations, these will hardly make it appealing for users who are looking for a simple and functional means of grabbing online content.
Last updated on August 5th, 2005
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