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This is the official Hewlett Packard software that enables the special functions keys on supported HP laptop models in no time at all

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HP Hotkey Support addresses a small group of Hewlett Packard laptop owners that are on the lookout for the HP proprietary application software that enables the special function keys on the keyboard of their notebooks. With HP Hotkey Support, you can now take full advantage of some very useful shortcuts that save you a lot of time during the day or, why not, night.

Although usually shipped as pre-installed software as a part of the bundled application pack from Hewlett Packard, HP Hotkey Support cannot be included in the broad term of bloatware, is its functionality does help the majority of users achieve more in less time.

Computer companies such as HP have a rather faulty idea that users need pre-installed software and they generally clutter up the operating system with useless programs that can only affect its performance and even stability in a very bad way. Sometimes, you tend to wonder whether this can be labeled as malpraxis or just pure nuisance from the company that you just made a favor by choosing to buy its product.

However, as mentioned before, this is not the case with HP Hotkey Support. Or is it? Even though HP Hotkey Support does implement the software to take care of the connection between the hardware and the end-user, can it be perfect? The answer, as most of the times is, clearly, no and it has to do with the purely annoying way that various notifications disturb your workflow almost every single time you use the special function keys.

Searching for possible resolutions for these irritating issues on the web, you can find several answers that may help you stop them from popping out on your screen, thus defocusing you and causing all sorts of problems. None of them, though, comes from a Hewlett Packard employee.

The bottom line with HP Hotkey Support is that it does its job and does not just stick with it. This can only cause discomfort in many, if not all, situations and this sort of hammers down the overall experience. Simple is sometimes the best way to accomplish something, but this is not the way some companies work.

HP Hotkey Support was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 21st, 2013

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