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A useful application that allows you to easily access the MediaSmart features and open the DVD player, photo editor or online broadcasting platforms

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HP MediaSmart SmartMenu is a compact application that runs in the background and facilitates the access to multiple MediaSmart tools. The program is designed for the Hewlett Packard laptops that include the MediaSmart support.

MediaSmart is a multimedia sharing solution implemented on HP laptops which allows users to access movies, music and online services on their computer. It is a useful tool for any user wants to expand the available multimedia files by using local or online resources.

The SmartMenu allows you to access the available options by using the tray icon or the multimedia key on your HP laptop. The popup menu allows you to select the program that you want to use in order to listen to music, watch TV shows from Netflix or upload images to Snapfish.

If you accidentally removed the application or reinstalled the operating system on your laptop, this package allows you to install the program and easily access the menu. Since the menu can be displayed by simply pressing a key, it can save you the time required to manually launch the programs from the Start menu.

The installation process is simple and there is no configuration required. However, you need to restart your computer in order to enable the background service that allows you to access the shortcuts..

To sum up, the HP MediaSmart SmartMenu is useful for the HP laptop users who need to access MediaSmart applications with minimum effort.

HP MediaSmart SmartMenu was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 13th, 2013

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