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Add your hard-disks led in your system tray

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Hard Disk Indicator is a small Windows software utility designed to place some simple LEDs in the System Tray and thus let you know when the hard disk is accessed.

Quietly sitting in the System Tray and working on any Windows workstation without hampering system performance at all, Hard Disk Indicator is pretty easy to use even if it doesn't include a help manual.

While it works pretty well with the standard settings in place, you can also click on the System Tray icon and access the “Settings” menu, but only a few things can be changed actually.

For example, you can choose from multiple predefined colors, but also pick the partitions your wish to monitor and set the LED delay. Of course, it can work with multiple partitions at the same time, but you cannot configure separate LEDs for each drive.

Other than that, there's no complicated feature or a different type of menu, it's just the System Tray icon that shows hard disk activity and informs you about the drives that are currently monitored.

On the good side, Hard Disk Indicator works flawlessly, no matter the Windows versions and the available resources. It doesn't affect performance at all and does what it says with minimum configuration.

On the other hand, a few more customization options, including settings that are exclusively addressed to the way the System Tray icon looks, are a must have.

Overall, this tiny application could come in handy to many users out there and since it's so light and works without any problem, it may very well become a must have as well.

Hard Disk Indicator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 31st, 2012
Hard Disk Indicator - The application resides in the tray and displays a colored led when the hard disk is being accessed.Hard Disk Indicator - You can configure the color of the led icon and the drives that will be monitored by the application.

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