Johnny's Simple Command Prompt1.0.0

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A reliable and easy to understand application whose main purpose it to provide you with a basic interface for executing common actions through CMD

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Johnny's Simple Command Prompt is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software designed to provide network administrators or simple users with the proper tools to perform various activities in command prompt, without actually using the CMD interface.

Following a simple installation, users can launch the utility and begin working with it by pressing on the various buttons, such as 'System Info', 'IP Config', 'NS Lookup' and others, in order to execute specific functions.

Johnny's Simple Command Prompt lists the most commonly used arguments assigning them to buttons in the main window, some of which require user input, for instance trace routing or pinging an address, while also featuring the 'Command Results' in a side window and enabling users to copy or print them.

The application includes additional commands such as 'Route', 'Serial Number', 'System info', 'Flush DNS', 'Wireless Profiles', 'Arp', 'Delete Wireless Profile', 'MAC Address'. Users only need to press on the appropriate button and their results will be displayed within moments, without having to use CMD.

Also, users can learn their public IP, as it is displayed in the upper right corner of the window, which can prove useful, particularly in case of IP address changes.

Moreover, Johnny's Simple Command Prompt allows users to input any argument they want in the allotted field in order to execute it. The tool can prove quite handy, particularly for users who find the command line interface difficult to handle and prefer not to work with it, especially when they have other means of achieving those tasks.

To conclude, Johnny's Simple Command Prompt is an intuitive program that enables even the less experienced users to execute basic tasks through CMD, yet without using its interface.

Johnny's Simple Command Prompt was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 1st, 2014
Johnny's Simple Command Prompt - Johnny's Simple Command Prompt is a simple tool that provides you with button to execute simple CMD commands