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Revamp your computer by modifying the Windows Explorer icons (resembling those of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion) and the overall look of the OS

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In terms of customization, all flavors of Windows offer plenty of options to their users, ranging from artsy icon packs and funky audio tunes to complex themes that revamp the entire OS. Lion Skin Pack belongs to the last category, as it can bring a complete overhaul to one’s computer.

Tweaks during the installation process

During the setup, those with advanced skills can disable some of the application’s components, but it is recommended that beginners do not modify the setup’s settings, lest they end up with corrupted installation of the tool. Before getting to enjoy the functions of Lion Skin Pack, users are required to restart their machine.

Changes applied to your system

First and foremost, it is noticeable that all the desktop icons and fonts have been replaced with new ones, resembling those of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion. Also, the desktop wallpaper has been changed with a new background that is typically included by the Cupertino-based company in their operating systems (Lion Skin Pack includes several of them so everyone can choose the one they like best).

A new dock and gadgets

Secondly, Lion Skin Pack also comes with a new dock and new tools that can enhance both the looks and the functionality of the host OS. Some of them act like standard Windows gadgets and they display the CPU and RAM usage, the current weather details or the accurate time.

Furthermore, the effect of Lion Skin Pack is visible when launching Internet Explorer, Paint, the Calculator app or the Notepad, as their icons have also been replaced to match the new appearance of the system.

Bottom line

All in all, Lion Skin Pack is indeed capable to revamp one’s computer, provided they run Windows 7 or XP, by modifying the Windows Explorer icons and the overall look of the OS. However, inexperienced users might be overwhelmed by all the changes and might have a hard time locating their preferred apps, folders or menus.

Lion Skin Pack was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
Lion Skin Pack - With the help of this skin pack you can easily transform your Windows into Lion.Lion Skin Pack - This theme will add a new dock and will customize the web browser interface, icons and more.Lion Skin Pack - Applications such as Notepad, Calculator or Paint can be easily accessed from the dock.Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #4Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #5Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #6Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #7Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #8Lion Skin Pack - screenshot #9

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