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A logon and boot screens manager for Windows XP

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Those who still use the old Windows XP are well aware that its looks are far from being as attractive as the latest releases and many try to make the operating system a bit more good looking and among the first things many try to change are the logon and the boot screens.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer is a tool that not only helps users change these two OS elements, but it also adds something new, as it can automatically choose a random logon or boot screen from a location on your computer.

The whole idea is pretty simple. Create a folder on your computer and place all the logons and the boot screens in there and configure LogonUI Boot Randomizer to use this folder. Every time you'll reboot the computer, you'll see one logon and one boot screen from the folder you have created.

The application works very smoothly and it's quite easy to use, but keep in mind that it's always recommended to perform a backup beforehand, just to make sure your operating system doesn't break down after the first restart.

A great feature of the application is its ability to extract and save images for logon and boot not to mention the preview it offers so you can check out the pictures before applying the changes.

All in all, LogonUI Boot Randomizer is a decent solution if you've grown tired with the same old look of your Windows XP. It is not difficult to use and the new logon and boot images you can assign will definitely make the OS more attractive at least when it's starting up.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 29th, 2012
LogonUI Boot Randomizer - LogonUI Boot Randomizer will provide users with a logon and boot screens manager for Windows XPLogonUI Boot Randomizer - The File menu will offer a list of options like Boot Screens, LogonUI Screens or Extract Screens Directly from ZIP filesLogonUI Boot Randomizer - Users will b able to access options such as Set LogonUI Screen, Randomize, Multiple Bitmap extract or Search zip files for picturesLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot RandomizerLogonUI Boot Randomizer

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