Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN

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This download will install Media Player and related technologies on a computer running Windows 7 N or Windows 7 KN editions, or these editions with Service Pack 1

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Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN is a must-have package for the Windows 7 users who want to enable the media playback features on their computers.

The N and KN versions of the Windows 7 operating system are designed for the European and Korean market which have regulations that exclude the media player and other features related with multimedia files management from the installation.

If you have purchased or installed one of these OS versions, you have the freedom to choose any multimedia player to open and play the audio or video files. However, this freedom also means that you cannot create audio CDs or view multimedia details right after the installation.

Since there are users that find the Microsoft media player solution suitable for their system, the company allows them to easily patch their Windows 7 installation by adding all the missing features. You only need to download the pack and follow the installation instructions.

The Media Feature Pack is designed to deploy the Windows Media Player and the other tools that are used for multimedia playback, authoring, transfer and recording. These also include the Windows Media Center and Windows DVD Maker.

Besides the above mentioned programs, the pack includes several components that have a significant impact on the user’s interaction with the OS interface. For instance, the Shell Media Property Display allows you to preview the metadata in the Windows Explorer and the Media Sharing feature enables you to find music on the network devices.

Although you can install any media player on your system, the additional components included in the Media Feature Pack make it the best choice for enabling the features that are not available in the N and KN versions.

Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 16th, 2013