Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP55.1.2195.21

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5 combines 403 hotfixes into a single hotfix - fully automated

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Updating the operating system with the latest fixes and patches released by Microsoft is usually an automated process, handled by the built-in update mechanism or it can be performed manually by any user. When it comes to older iterations of the OS, like Windows 2000, things tend to become more complicated, especially because it received no less than 4 service packs.

With the official support already ended, it's hard to believe that those who still have it up and running on their systems can receive something new after all these years. Nonetheless, you can find another unreleased pack waiting to be installed: Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5.

This Service Pack, unsupported by Microsoft, is in fact an impressive collection of critical, security, hotfixes and updates that were assembled by the team at Redmond, but never made available as a whole. The great thing about Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5 is that it installs just like an other update.

The service pack targets only United States (English) versions of Windows 2000. In case you have a localized version, you can still install it, but the system is most likely to change into English after the setup is finished and the workstation rebooted.

As it should always be done when handling unsupported software, it's recommended to make a full backup of all your data prior to applying the Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5 update, in order to avoid any mishaps.

All things considered, if you took the necessary precautions before deploying this service pack, you should enjoy nothing but benefits because the huge number (over 400) of hotfixes included in Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5 covers lots of vulnerabilities, incompatibilities and updates.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Unofficial SP5 was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 28th, 2013

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