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A reliable utility that accepts gestures or voice commands to emulate the actions that are usually performed with a regular mouse or a touchpad

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NPointer is a simple to use application that is designed to offer you an alternative means of controlling the mouse cursor without the use of the actual pointing device.

Using a webcam the application is capable of tracking motion and moves the mouse cursor accordingly. To trigger the application you are able to use hand or head gestures. For example, you can point the webcam downwards on your hand while it rests on a flat surface. Moving the hand to the right in a horizontal plane, the mouse cursor moves in the same direction.

Besides the regular ones, the application also works just fine with laptop webcams. The only trick to it is to have patience until you get a hang of its response time and sensitivity. NPointer allows you to adjust the motion speed and acceleration but the functionality of the application is highly influenced by luminosity conditions. The more light you have on your hand or head, the better everything works.

Clicking and scrolling is also possible. To activate these functions you need to keep the pointer motionless for a short while. The application then displays a set of commands around the cursor which you can use to click, scroll, double-click and turn off movements. These actions can also be triggered by voice commands. You are able to record audio triggers for left, right and double clicks, scroll, drag and drop just by using a standard microphone.

Depending on the task, NPointer allows you to choose whether you want the application to respond to hand or head/frontal movement. Its practicality is enhanced by the simple fact that it requires no complex configuration before using it.

In closing, NPointer is a practical and reliable tool that can be easily used by people who have various disabilities and can not use the mouse in the as it is intended.

NPointer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
NPointer - With the help of NPointer you have the possibility to control hand movements using a webcamNPointer - The application enables you to control the voice settings and delete the voice commands

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