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Ninotech Path Copy is a shell extension that enables you to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard with minimum effort

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Ninotech Path Copy is a simple-to-use application that allows users to copy file paths to the Clipboard via the context menu. It comes packed with a few useful customization preferences.

In order to integrate this tool into the Explorer right-click menu, all you have to do is open the context menu of the INI file and select "Install".

From this point on, you can open the right-click menu of any file or folder, and copy its file long folder, long path, long name, or long UNC path, as well as the Internet path.

From the “Setup” area you can choose the entries to be displayed in the copy menu. For the last five entries in the list, Ninotech Path Copy lets users customize settings to create new copy methods.

It is possible to edit the menu name, choose the copy method (e.g. long name, short UNC), replace text, change capitalization and slashes, as well as enclose file paths in quotation marks.

Ninotech Path Copy is very light on the system resources, has a good response time and works smoothly, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with newer operating systems. All in all, Ninotech Path Copy provides users with a straightforward method to copying paths to files and folders.

Ninotech Path Copy was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 18th, 2013
Ninotech Path Copy - Ninotech Copy Path is a very useful shell extension that will help you a lot in your computer tasks that involve the need to copy filenamesNinotech Path Copy - Ninotech Copy Path allows you to configure which path copy menu items to show in the Windows Explorer context menuNinotech Path Copy - You may easily and quickly edit the menu name, select the copy method and other configuration options for each of the submenu entries

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